Try it Tonight: No Fuss Greek Yogurt Dip

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Try it Tonight: No Fuss Greek Yogurt Dip

March 15, 2016 - 15:49
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5 minutes of prep and an hour resting in you fridge is all you need for this Greek Yogurt Dip

Need a simple dip for vegetables? Try this Greek Yogurt Dip.

What You'll need:
- One 7oz Plain Greek yogurt container for every 2 people.
- 3 Table Spoons of Herbs de Provence.
- 1 Table Spoon fresh ground pepper.
- 1 Minced garlic clove.
- 1 Table Spoon Kosher Salt.

What You'll Do:
- Open the container of Greek Yogurt
- Stir in all of the ingredients
- Let sit in the fridge for at least an hour up to 4 hours (the flavor of the garlic and herbs will intensify over time).

Presto - you have a simple Greek Yogurt Dip.

Serve Cold with your vegetables of choice, or try this easy Artichoke recipe.