Three Cheap and Easy Wall Decor DIY Ideas

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Three Cheap and Easy Wall Decor DIY Ideas

March 01, 2016 - 11:52
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Wall decor and art is usually very pricey. Here are 3 simple diy ideas to decorate your walls on a budget.

We all love having beautiful art or wall hangings in our homes. It really adds a lot of character to a living space and instantly makes it look more pulled together. Unfortunately most art and wall hangings come with a high price tag. That is why I came up with some simple wall decor diy projects to help spruce up my house without spending a lot of money. Here are my easy wall decor diy ideas.

1. Frame a Beautiful Record
Personally, I love vintage items and old artwork. I was thrilled when I came across an old record from one of my favorite musicals, Thoroughly Modern Millie at a yard sale for just $.25! While I don't own a record player, I got the idea to frame the record. That way I could at least enjoy the record's artwork. At Target they sell $10 plain black frames that are made specifically to frame records. I simply popped the record into one of those frames, and I had a super cute new piece of art work to hang up! I placed it next to another record to form a grouping on the wall to complete the look.

2. Use Calendar Art
Many of us have old calendars from years gone by that we just end up throwing away. However the artwork in many of those calendars can actually be really pretty. I had an old calendar that featured beautiful iconic buildings in Paris. Instead of throwing the calendar away, I cut out the photos and framed them in a cheap but lovely $12 frame from Home Goods. I made two of these to hang in my bathroom together on a smaller wall.

3. Use Fabric and a Canvas
I love to sew and have a lot of cool fabric that I haven't yet made into a project. I was needing a large piece of artwork to hang above my bed to tie the room together. Unfortunately all the art I could find was at least $100 even at discount stores like TJ Maxx. That is when my mom gave me the idea to take a beautiful piece of fabric and simply staple it to a large canvas from the arts and crafts store. The canvas was very affordable and way cheaper than actually buying a piece of art. The fabric was from a bolt I already had laying around. I ironed the fabric and then placed it over the front of the canvas in a manner that was visually appealing. Then I pulled the edges of the fabric and brought them to the back of the canvas where I stapled it with a staple gun so that the fabric was smooth and taut. That was all there was to it! Very easy and an added bonus is that you can change out the fabric when you want to introduce a new look to your room.

Let us know if you decide to try one of these simple wall decor diy projects. I think you will be very pleased with the results and with the money you save!