My Top 10 Tips For Having The Best Yard Sale Ever

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My Top 10 Tips For Having The Best Yard Sale Ever

April 29, 2016 - 11:38
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Yard sales are an incredible way to make some extra cash and get rid of clutter. I have hosted a lot of yard sales over the years, and I have also been the customer at yard sales many times. By being on both sides of the equation I have learned a lot of yard sale do's and dont's. Here are my tips for throwing the best yard sale ever!

1. Start really early in the morning
You will be surprised by how many people get up extremely early to go to yard sales. I usually start my sales around 7 am, and I am outside putting things out at 6 am. Even as early as 6 you may get a few people coming by to see your wares. Yard sale traffic usually tapers off around noon, so you want to be sure you maximize your time and get an early start. Plus the most serious yard sale shoppers are the ones that get up early.

2. Have cash on hand to make change
Be prepared to make change by having plenty of small bills as well as coins.

3. Put out signs the night before
Don't be a procrastinator. Make sure you put out your signs the night before, so you aren't rushing in the morning. Plus potential shoppers will be driving by that night. Give them the opportunity to see your signs so they can make plans to come to your sale the next morning.

4. Put effort into your signs
Your signs are one of the most important components of your sale's success. They must get people's attention and guide them where to go. Make sure that you put them in very visible, high traffic areas and that you put out enough to make it obvious how to get to your house. I have seen on Pinterest people doing creative signs featuring celebrity pictures or funny catch phrases. I love creative ideas like that. It really gets people's attention. Just make sure that you keep your signs succinct and to the point. People won't have a lot of time to take down an address or read a bunch of text as they are driving by.

5. Price your items
You can purchase some price stickers for very little money at stores like Target and Walmart. Price your goods the night before, so people don't have to ask you how much everything is. Your goal is to make shopping as easy as possible for your guests.

6. Hang clothing items
If you can, hang your clothing items. That way people can easily look through them. This simple step will make your items much more visually appealing then a pile of wrinkled clothes that look like dirty laundry.

7. Put some of your best items out front
A lot of people will cruise by and try to get a feel for what you are selling before they decide if it is worth it to stop and look. You want to impress these browsers with your best items right out of the gate to turn them from window shoppers to customers. Furniture, toys, and modern electronics tend to be the most popular items.

8. Partner with friends, family, or neighbors
The more items you have to sell the better. If you have friends or family that want to get rid of clutter, see if they'd be willing to bring their items over. Even better, convince some of your neighbors to have sales as well. Community yard sales or neighborhoods with multiple sales draw larger amounts of customers.

9. Be willing to negotiate
Yard sales are for people looking for a serious bargain. Don't be the type of yard sale host that wants people to pay you as much as you paid for the items. That is a major turn off to the yard sale shopper. Don't get too greedy, or you won't move through your inventory.

10. Have your yard sale on a Saturday
Sunday yard sales are rarely as successful as Saturday sales. Most people interested in yard sales are going shopping on Saturdays.

That is my top ten yard sale tips. Usually I take whatever I don't sell straight to Goodwill. If there is a lot left over you may consider hosting a second follow up yard sale, but sometimes it is just best to get rid of the clutter.