CrowdFunding Sites Reviewed - The Top 8 by Traffic

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CrowdFunding Sites Reviewed - The Top 8 by Traffic

November 26, 2017 - 08:01
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What are our favorite CrowdFunding Sites?

What are our favorite CrowdFunding Sites?

Recently at LifeHomeLiving along with its rise in our Facebook feeds we have been discussing crowdfunding. More specifically what it takes to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. It struck us early on (and because everyone on Facebook seems to use them) that GOFundMe was near the top of the pile and that if you wanted to run a successful campaign you should try to do it on the largest platform. To that end here are the top 8 personal crowd funding sites by traffic rank:


2.) Indiegogo

3.) TeeSpring

4.) Patreon

5.) YouCaring

6.) CrowdRise

7.) Kiva

8.) GiveForward

Looking at just these traffic numbers for crowdfunding web sites (as complied from compete and alexa) can be somewhat misleading. In an ideal world what we’d really like to know is which have the largest confluence of: traffic, money raised, and average campaign size. A sort of highest revenue per user/campaign metric. With a lot of these being private that data is hard to come by so we are left looking at other things like: cleanest social integrations, fee structure, mission, number of integrations, and ability to share – to that end we come out with one surprising result and one not so surprising result: YouCaring & GoFundMe are our top 2.