The Best Items to Get at the Dollar Store

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The Best Items to Get at the Dollar Store

January 03, 2016 - 08:43
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Dollar stores are filled with so many products, but which ones are really worth your dollar and which ones should stay on the shelves?

I love a good bargain! I also like decorating and crafting, so naturally I do enjoy dollar stores. I admit they have a lot of poor quality items, but there are lots of good finds there as well. There are even a few product that I prefer to get there over anywhere else. Here are my personal picks for the best items at the dollar store.

Office Supplies
School supplies and office supplies are surprisingly pricey most of the time. That is why I love hunting for them at dollar stores. They have really cute pen and pencil sets, notepads, folders, and more. If you are a teacher, you absolutely must check out their supplies. Most of the time they have really cute classroom supplies including posters and teaching aids.

If you are a scrapbooker or you love crafting, check out the sticker aisle. They have a huge supply of quality stickers for both kids and crafting adults.

Kitchen Tools
I have purchased a couple kitchen gadgets at the dollar store including measuring cups, juicers, strainers, and more. They have all been surprisingly durable and good quality for a buck. Whenever I need a random kitchen gadget, I love checking out their selection.

Greeting Cards
Cards typically cost around $5 at Target and Walmart, so the savings is significant when you get them at the dollar store instead. I admit their cards are made of a slightly thinner, flimsier paper, but other than that they are really cute. They have a pretty good selection to choose from for a wide variety of occasions.

Candy and Gum
Typically I stay away from the food section of the dollar store, but my exception to that rule is candy and gum. They have a whole aisle dedicated to candy and gum with a wide variety of movie theater sized candy boxes and chocolate bars. Just be sure to check the expiration dates to be sure the products aren't too old.

Party Supplies & Seasonal Decor
Whenever I throw a party I cruise by the dollar store to see what they have. They have gotten great at having cute items to decorate with for the holidays. They always have products for baby and bridal showers too. They are a good resource for cheap serving trays and bowls as well as paper products like gift wrap, napkins, plates, and streamers. Check out their party favors section as well for childrens' birthday parties.

Fake Flowers
If you have purchased fake flowers before you know they are actually relatively pricey at craft stores. If you are looking for fake flowers or succulents try the dollar store.

Their frames are pretty basic, but if you are the crafty type you can paint them or bedazzle them to make them look much more expensive.

Plastic Bins
They have so many cute plastic containers in a wide variety of colors and sizes. These are perfect for home organization projects.

The items I tend to stay away from include those in the following product categories: food, baby products, pet products, and beauty products. Let me know if you have had good luck with products in those categories. Did I miss any of your favorite dollar store finds? Let me know in the comments.