February 2018

Gym Motivation tips - Our top 5 favorites

February 06, 2018 - 09:42
Gym Motivation

What is your Gym motivation? How do you do it?

Going to the Gym is hard, staying motivated at the Gym is even harder. There I said it, I know many of us profess to love it and find it easy, but at least half the people on any given day find it difficult to get up go through the day and get to the gym. Finding ways to stay motivated and to continue to progress are key to keeping that gym motivation up and achieving the results you want. Here are some gym motivation tips that work for me:

Carbon Steel Pans - The non-stick alternative

February 04, 2018 - 10:32
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Carbon Steel Pan

Carbon steel pans have been widely used in restaurants for years, but only really came to light for many home cooks with a feature in Cooks Illustrated last year. With out getting into the politics of Teflon we'll say that there has been a significant rise in people looking for alternatives to the trusty non-stick pan we all have. One driver of this is that the non-stick coating decomposes over time eventually flaking off into the food you cook. This presents two issues - one its gross to find flakes of Teflon in your food, and two you now need to buy a new pan.

Becoming a better cook - Digital Apps for beginners

February 03, 2018 - 09:12
becoming a better cook

As a novice cook, looking to become a better cook, I often find myself relying on recipes a lot of the same recipes. So learning new techniques and being exposed to new recipes and growing as a cook becomes difficult. Sprinkling in new ingredients, technics, and dishes is key to growth as a cook. That is why I love cooking apps, they can get you out of a rut and thinking of new meals to cook. It happens to us all, we fall into the trap of making the same meals week after week. However, after discovering cooking apps I've been inspired to expand my horizons.