February 2016

Sugar Snap Peas - A Quick & Easy Side Dish

February 29, 2016 - 13:13
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Sugar Snap Peas

4 ingredients and 15 minutes from start to finish is all you need for this tasty sugar snap peas side dish. Modeled off Ina Garten's mildly more involved dish (she uses 5 ingredients) we cut down the ingredients slightly but still get to a similarly tasty place.

What You'll Need:
Other than the peas you should have all of these kitchen basics on hand
1.) Sugar snap peas - as many of them as you want, (figure a pound serves 6-8 people as a small side dish).
2.) Decent quality Olive Oil
3.) Kosher Salt
4.) Fresh ground pepper

5 Uses for Used Coffee Grounds in the Garden

February 29, 2016 - 10:16

I drink a lot of coffee. I love the process of making it. I like the taste, of course I don't mind the caffeine either - but it leaves me with a lot of used coffee grounds. As mentioned in other Life Home Living pieces we like things that do double duty a digital scale and measuring cup all-in-one is a great example of that. So I started digging around for things that I could do with all of the spent coffee grounds from my morning pot of Joe.

Growing the Best Tomatoes

February 26, 2016 - 13:39
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Every summer home gardeners under take on the annual project of growing tomatoes and despite challenges many come back to the project year after year. Why? Simply because the product is so much better than what is available in stores. Growing tomatoes is not without its challenges, if you have tried before and not been happy with the: yields, fruit quality, or flavor - may I present a yard gadget to you: The "Tomato Success Kit" from Gardeners.com found here.

10 Step Home Dishwasher Tune Up

February 25, 2016 - 16:20
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Dish Washer Tune Up

The dishwasher - the workhorses of our kitchens, more than any other appliances they are relied on to save us time and in my case keep me sane (I hate doing dishes by hand). To many of us though they are an afterthought - something we always expect to work perfectly time and time again. Unfortunately that constant use over time leads to wear and tear, build-ups, and in turn degraded performance. Dishes that once came out consistently clean, glasses sparkling, flatware spotless; over time give way to films, water spots, and clouding.

7 tips to get the yard ready for the growing season.

February 25, 2016 - 00:00
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Yard care tips

For those of us that live in a climate where winter means frost and snow it maybe be hard to believe but now is the time to start thinking about yard care. Getting your yard ready for spring and the spring growing season now with a few hours of yard work will help you to get a jump on the season ahead, and have your yard looking like the best on the block.

1.) Clear the debris around your plants, by allowing the earlier sprouts to see light rather than grow through a bed of dead leaves or pine needles you’ll begin to invigorate plants earlier in the growing season.

In Praise of a Simple Natural Cleaner: White Vinegar

February 24, 2016 - 00:00
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White Vinegar

Few products around the house are as green and versatile as vinegar. In its most innocuous form (distilled white vinegar), it can be used to remove hard water spots, decalcify a kettle, clean the floor, or to make salad dressing! Today we'll look past the obvious cooking applications for vinegar and instead look at some of the lesser known uses.